Joint Ventures

Virtual Teaming:

Our virtual team idea makes way for software companies to increase their software engineering man-power by recruiting our highly skilled and motivated software engineers and graphic designers at fraction of cost of similar talent in US and UK. This way, you will gain significant cost savings. Our engineers and designers are trained by American technology professional and hence you will not feel any quality difference.

Project Based - Fixed Cost & Fixed Time:

Our project based working model works wonderfully where budget is tight and specifications of the product are reasonably well defined. Before the starting its work, our team will provide you fixed cost and fixed time estimate for the finished product. We will keep you in loop during the whole development process to ensure that your project gets completed in time and according to your quality standard requirements.

Venture Engineering:

We are always in search of new products and interesting ideas. We are always willing to work with organizations and individuals who possess great innovative ideas and want to work in partnership with us or need our technical expertise. We have exciting flexible investment models and are always eager to invest in products by providing professional technical expertise in return for a share in profits.


Excellence is our virtue and we do it with finesse. We have an outstanding team for design and development. Our areas of expertise are listed below:

Our Recent Work


Supplications:Special Occasion

This master quality application is accompanied with simple and easy to understand graphic illustrations; this feature makes the look and feel of this application superb.
Quran app on app store Android app on Google Play


Ramadan : Sehr Iftaar Alerts

Sehr and Aftar for timings for Ramadan according to all school of thoughts. -Prayer times according to all school of thoughts. -Adhan (Arabic: أَذَان‎) audio for Fajr and other prayers.
Quran app on app store Android app on Google Play


Hadith Qudsi App

App has 40 MOST FAMOUS Hadith, which are words of Allah spoken by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) with Audio of Hadith scripts as well as English translation.
Android app on Google Play

Islamic Mobile Games & Apps Development

  • Android and iPhone business applications
  • Android and iPhone 2D and 3D games
  • Enterprise dashboards for Android Tablets and iPads
  • Interactive books for Android and iPad
  • Social Media games

Islamic Enterprise Software Development

  • ASP.NET Web Development
  • Windows Azure Cloud Computing
  • Google App Engine Cloud Computing
  • J2EE

Consulting Services

  • Application Conceptualization
  • Application Interface design and User Experience Management
  • Complete Game Concept and Design
  • End to End Programming for Apps and Games
  • Testing and Quality Assurance